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Page Speed Optimization Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

How Page Speed Optimization can help improve keyword rankings for your website

What is Page Speed?

Page speed is the time the browser takes to load the given url completely for the user to be able to view the contents of the page. There are are multiple stages through which the page is loaded.

  1. DNS Resolution
  2. First Response from the Server
  3. Completion of the Total Page Loading

How can you measure the Page Speed?

You can measure the page loading using multiple tools like Pingdom Tools, GTMetrix, Chrome Dev Tools, etc

Measure Page speed using Pingdom Tools

  1. Visit the Website tools.pingdom.com
  2. Enter the URL of the website or the web page that you want to measure the speed for.
  3. Select the location from which you want to test. In general this would be the location where most of you users are located or it can be the location which you want to test the speed for.
  4. Click the Button’Start Test’
  5. Pingdom will take 5-10 seconds of time to complete the Page Speed Analysis

    Pingdom Tools enter your website url
    Pingdom Tools enter your website url
  6. After the completion of the analysis, Pingdom will show you the results which include
    1. Summary of your Website Speed

      Pingdom Tools Page Speed Summary
      Pingdom Tools Page Speed Summary
    2. Performance Insights

      Pingdom Tools Performance insights
      Pingdom Tools Performance insights
    3. Response Codes that yo page has generated (TBD: Another post about Response codes)
    4. Content size and number of requests by content type

      Pingdom tools Content Size
      Pingdom tools Content Size
    5. Content size and number of request by Domain and
    6. File requests

      Pingdom tools File Requests
      Pingdom tools File Requests

Measure Page speed using GT Metrix

Measure Page speed using Chrome Dev tols

How Page Speed can influence your Site or Page Rankings?

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