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Competitive Link Building

Link Schemes – The Myth & Reality

Link Schemes

If you are doing any link building activity, then Link Schemes are one of the most important Google Quality Guidelines to follow. For those who are new to SEO, should know that the Link Scheme is one of the important factors to consider while doing any link building activity. If you are doing link building just to manipulate the Page Rank of your site, then remember you are not going for a long run. You might get an instant result, but at the same time, you will be affected by the Algorithm update. Hence, we are here to understand the concept of the Link Scheme and why not do Link Scheme.

A Strict No From Google 

There are many factors that you should consider while doing link building. To know the importance of it, you should know that some of the points to avoid while doing any link building activity.

  • Link Exchange: For those who are new to SEO might do this mistake more often. Link Exchange is also termed as Reciprocal URL, which means you will exchange link with some other website owner. As per Google’s Algorithm update in 2012, most of the websites who had done Link Exchange had a huge impact on their ranking. But this was only for those who had done link exchange in excess.
  • Keyword Anchor Text: During one of the Google Hangout Sessions with Matt Cutts, he clarified the doubt of Anchor text. To explain this let me give you an example: If your keyword is “Buy Smartphones”  https://www.learnhacking.net/ you might want to link to an article with the same Anchor Text. But, do you know that’s not correct. This is considered as Link Scheme. To avoid that, you can link to synonyms too; ex: “Best Smartphones to Buy“, “Best Mobile Phone to purchase“. Doing this, you indicate google that the link building is nothing but a Natural Link building. Hence, gives more value to your website.
  • Guest Posting in Large Scale: Even now, I Get a lot of guest posting request, but should we really consider it? The answer is “Maybe“. In the early days of SEO, there were a lot of websites that did guest posting on a huge scale. Which was definitely with an aim to get a link to their website. But, most of the articles posted were similar because of which, it becomes an issue as per the content guideline. As a result, most of the websites were affected too. If we do guest posting as required will help you rank better.

So what we learn?

With this, we learn that Link building is important, but quality. It is never said that you can only rank if you have a number of backlinks. In fact, if you have informative content and is linked to just fewer quality websites, then you are good to rank in the Search Engine.

Also, you should learn that you should only do quality backlink, but not quantity. Whereas, the factors like no-follow and do-follow links matter, which we will definitely cover in our upcoming articles. If you want to know more about Link Scheme or other such important factors, let us know in the comment below.

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